Merak Sakteng Trekking

In the Far East, the Sakteng National Park was set up to look after the Migoi (or Yeti). No Migoi has been found in the area but it may be encountered between Tang nad Lhuntsi valleys (Rodong La).

The trek starts from Chaling (2hrs. drive) from Trashigang. A couple of villages along the road are worth a visit. This 7 days trek traverses through Merak and Sakteng with unique culture, rich History and friendly people.

Day 1Distance19Kms.

Chaling to Donmang

  • Time : 7-8hrs.
  • Ascend : 2217m.
  • Descend : 230m.
  • Altitude : 2148m. to 3124m.

The first day of the trek starts with a drive from Trashigang to Chaling through Rangjung and Radi villages. These villages are known for weaving (Raw silk). You can stop on the way back to see and learn the procedures of weaving. The trek ascends gradually through a pasture land for Yaks and Sheep with herders’ huts secluded in the middle of the ground. Mendu La pass marks as final ascending and from here the trail descends through Rhododendron forest till the campsite in Donmang.

Day 2Distance15Kms.

Donmang to Merak

  • Time : 4-5hrs.
  • Ascent : 396m.
  • Descent : 0m.
  • Altitude : 3214m. to 3517m.

Follow the trail along the river bank enjoying the views and nature. The trail leading to Gangu Village is the only parts with a gradual ascend and continuing the journey from Gangu will take about 45 minutes to reach Merak. The campsite is located near the village and it has good views of the local mountains and Merak village.

  • Merak is a small village where the community is predominated by unique race well known as Brokpas “Highlanders”. The main activities of these Highlanders are rising of the domestic animals.
Day 3Distance16Kms.

Merak to Miksateng

  • Time : 5hrs.
  • Ascent : 633m.
  • Descent : 1,074m.
  • Altitude : 3517m. to 3079m.

Start early as it’s going to be a harsh day of the trek. The trail ascends gradually from the campsite till the first pass where you can have the last glimpses of Merak valley. From the pass, the trail to the Nachung La pass is through Juniper forest decorated with Rhododendron trees. The trail descends till the campsite at Miksateng.

Day 4Distance14Kms.

Miksateng to Sakten

  • Time : 5-6hrs.
  • Ascent : 81m. approx
  • Descent : 310m.
  • Altitude : 3079m. to 2960m.

The trails descends from the campsite leading to a river and after crossing it, follow the trail along the river bank till you ascend gradually to a small pass with a Chorten facing towards Sakten valley. Look out for Red Panda while descending from the ridge to Sakten valley; a big open space surrounded by heavily forested mountain. The campsite is near Sakten village.

Day 5

Rest day at Sakten

It’s worth spending an extra day in Sakten to explore especially their lifestyle and unique culture.

Day 6Distance17Kms.

Sakten to Jonkher Teng

  • Time : 7-8hrs.
  • Ascent : 74m.
  • Descent : 1,291m.
  • Altitude : 1797m. to 1831.

Start early from the camp as it’s going to be a longest day of the trek. The trail passes through a small pass Munde La. There are couple of small ups and downs through broad leaf forest till Joenkhar Teng. The campsite of Joenkhar Teng is at the river side.

Day 7

Joenkhar Teng to Phongmey

  • Altitude : 1797m. to 1831m.

The last day of the trek crosses few suspension bridges including one stiff climb of one hour before reaching Phongmey village. Your transport will be waiting here to transfer you to your hotel in Trashigang. You can break the journey in Rangjung to visit Rangjung monastery and weaving (Raw silk).