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Travel to Bhutan is an incomparable, soul-stirring experience. Buddhism permeates every fabric of being, influencing architecture and even a steadfast commitment to protecting the natural environment, which means if you travel to Bhutan, you will witness some of the most stunning landscapes, ancient fortresses in mythic settings, gorgeous trails, abundant colors of flora, fauna, and textiles, often intertwined. Besides its beauty and environmentalism, Bhutan is known for the unique philosophy of Gross National Happiness, which recognizes that for a society to achieve true progress, it must look beyond how much money the country makes. The journey to Bhutan is more than just a holiday – it is an experience of a lifetime | Travel to Bhutan with us – Bhutan Instant Travel.

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Tashi cho Dzong the seat of king of Bhutan


The capital of Bhutan, Thimphu is the most populous town in Bhutan, It is small enough to get places on foot..

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Paro Dzong Bhutan


With the country’s only international airport located in this charming valley, Paro will be the first town you..

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Punakha Dzong former capital of Bhutan


Punakha is a warm valley drained by the famous Phochu and Mochu which come together beyond an..

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Trongsa dzong Bhutan


Pelela pass at 3300m is an important dividing range that separates Western Bhutan from Central and..

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Jakar Dzong Bumthang Bhutan


This region that spans from 2,600-4,500m is the religious heartland of the nation and home to some of its..

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