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Traditional Wedding Tour in Bhutan

Celebrate your marriage with a destination wedding unlike any other. Until just a few decades ago arranged marriages were common and many married among their relatives. In eastern Bhutan cross-cousin marriages were also once common, however, this practice is now becoming less common place among the literate masses and most marriages are based on the choice of the individuals.

Traditional weddings are simple affairs and are usually kept low-key. However, elaborate rituals are performed for lasting unions between the bride and the bridegroom. As the wedding ceremony comes to an end, parents, relatives and friends of the couple present the newlyweds with traditional offerings of silk scarves along with gifts in the form of cash and goods.

In the Western Bhutan, it was commonplace that the husband goes to live in his wife’s house after wedding while the practice in Eastern Bhutan is for the wife to move into the husband’s home. Of course, the newlyweds may also choose to live on their own. Divorce is also an accepted norm and carries no ignominy or disgrace within the country.

Bhutanese traditional wedding forms attractive tour packages which are as exciting as the colors of the country. This Special Traditional Wedding Tour Package is arranged to provide an insight into the Bhutanese lifestyle and the best of the weddings. It’s the perfect opportunity to escape to remote and exotic beach locations, go on trekking, safari, or experience the unique culture. The best part, Bhutan instant travel will arrange everything for you, so you don’t have to stress about planning your Bhutanese traditional wedding or the sightseeing adventures in Bhutan.